About the project
The aim of the project is to present pipe organs of Osijek to the citizens of Osijek and to the tourists visiting Osijek. The project consists of: 1. organ concerts and presentations Organ concerts are organised on the first Saturday of the month. The monthly schedule can be found on project website. The presentations of the organs are held on the last Saturday in February and August. Educational program is intended for the youth of Osijek. It is organised with the support of the Musical Youth Organisation of Osijek. 2. booklet “Iskaznice orgulja Osijeka” The booklet “Iskaznice orgulja Osijeka” is a souvenir for organists and tourists visiting Osijek. It was created by Antun Ivanković. It can be bought during concerts and presentations. 3. webpage This webpage was created by Antun Ivanković at the end of 2019. All the information on the site is regularly updated.